Privacy Policy


Privacy is a really important thing for us and we need to let you know that we are going to use some of your information when you use our website. It is up to you if you want to enter our site and complete all of the things here such as surveys, forms and so on. You always have to option to enter on our website anonymously if you feel safer this way. We collect info to either organize a promotion and even a contest where you can win different prizes. You will also be able to receive periodic emails regarding our cheats and if you want, it is really easy to cancel any email from us by using the link provided in the email. All of the info you provide us with is protected and we will only be using it to offer you more help in order to solve any issues that you have. We focus on providing you with the best customer experience we can and you can be sure that we don`t send any of your private and personal info to third parties. You can simply stay chill and focus on your gaming experience because your info is going to be secured. As you can see, we never use the information on our website in a malicious way and you can trust us because all of the info provided here is going to be displayed only for educational purposes. From the moment you enter on our site, our main goal is to provide you with the best experience we can.